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[2018/05/16] Meepwn CTF 2018 Quals has been rescheduled on July 14, 2018 | 02:00 ICT Hi folks, This year, MEEPWN CTF 2018 will be back, with a qualification round and a final round. Here are some notes you may need to know: 1. Qualification round is an online jeopardy CTF, runs for 48 hours, include PWNABLE, REVERSE ENGINEERING, WEB SECURITY, CRYPTOGRAPHY/ACM and MISC. 2. Top 10 teams of the quals round will be invited to play the final, onsite in Saigon aka. HCMC, Vietnam. Let's enjoy Phở 🍜 3. We will partially support top 05 teams (4 members/team) for their travel expenses and accommodation. CTFtime link: Date and time: >>>>> [Qual ] July 14, 2018 - 02:00 ICT >>>>> [Final] Aug 25, 2018 Prize in final: >>>>> [1st] 1200 USD >>>>> [2nd] 600 USD >>>>> [3rd] 300 USD Registration page will be opened soon. Follow our website, where we will update news about our event.
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